Herbal spell charms

Herbal Spell Charms have been used for centuries to encourage a positive change in circumstances, from promoting healing to offering protection. They can be made for just any situation that calls for a little extra help.

We have been making Herbal Spell Charms and Witches Jar's for many years here at The Pagan Way. The recipes contained within each are our own and we have many happy customers who return time after time for more as they know just how well they work.

What is inside a Herbal Spell Charm 

Each charm generally contains a unique blend of dried herbs, Essential oils, Resins, Barks, Berries & Crystals. The actual recipe greatly depends on the called for recipe. Each ingredient is especially selected for its properties, again depending on the purpose.

Crafting a charm

Crafting a charm takes a lot of time & energy. I only ever craft whilst in my sacred space & my attention remains fully focused on the purpose of the item I am crafting. Each ingredient is blessed with the relevant energies, whether that is the sun, the moon or even an element. It is then magickally charged with intent before being blended. There is so much more to this process that goes on behind the scenes including singing bowls, mantras, symbols, crystal energies, moon phases, several charges over a set amount of days etc. Again, this all depends on what the intention is. Once the blend is ready,  it is then placed within the charm pouch. Once a charm has been crafted it is then fully charged and blessed as a final piece at my working altar, and then safely packaged up ready to be sent.

It may seem like a long process, and yes it can be, but this is what truly gives such potency to each and every charm I craft. 

Where to put your charm

Charms are designed to be kept in your pocket, work draw, glove box, hanging above your front door, tucked inside your pillow case etc. If you have my Altar Charms set, it really is better to place these where you feel called to. I have a pentagram in the centre of my altar and I have the white charm on the left of the pentagram, and the black on the right. Be guided by your intuition as to where you feel it needs to be placed. There is no right or wrong place.


You should be mindful of the energies within your charm. Give it a little squeeze from time to time. This helps to reawaken any sleepy ingredients. Your charm will need to be replaced every 6 months or so. You can empty your pouch after this time and bury the contents in your garden as an offering. If you have a protection charm, empty the contents into your bin, do not bury in your garden. Be mindful of pets and wildlife when disposing of the contents. 

The important bit

A lot of care, attention and magick has gone into creating your charm. The final part of crafting a charm is using knot magick to tie the charm. Please do not open your charm, you will undo my hard work and it will no longer do anything to help you.

Please be sure to always keep your charms away from children and pets.